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About Us


Every beauty is compared to flowers and roses. Poems and epics were written with.

their beauty. Which represents our trademark Qarnoza in the best way, inspired.

by the unique distinction of the Qarnoza flower among our flowers and its musk scent. First impression is formed in a very

short time, However, choosing clothes and makeup would not be complete without a distinctive perfume that matches.

sophistication, Our Brand ensures the fulfillment of this desire by offering a perfume that guarantees the customer's Desired first impression.

About us

The company Qarnoza was established. in 2019 from its headquarters in Istanbul to add a different and beautiful touch to the perfume world with its model appearance.


Our expertise in perfumery production is our r commitment to the highes  standards, and our team of employees at the brand combines their expertise to deliver a luxury fragrance for a specific customer class.

This luxurious floral represents our aim to offer perfumes to sophisticated and discerning customers who are well acquainted with exquisite perfumes.

Qarnoza guarantees an experience that cannot be repeated.


Qarnoza flower is one of those ever-growing plants and represents one other biggest reason we have chosen to reflect our style.

Therefore, from our starting point within the scope of the market, we aim to expand into the European and Middle Eastern markets from Turkey as a starting point.

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